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  3. Online Courses for coaches, strength & conditioning coaches, match officials and medics
  4. Partenariat strategique entre la Rugby Union Mauritius et la Fédération monegasque de rugby
  5. MONACO TOUR 2019

Youth competitions :

Youth Tens Championship ( March – June )
Youth Sevens Championship ( Sept – Dec )


Women competitions:

Women’s Tens Championship (March – June)
Women’s Sevens Championship (March – June)
Women’s Sevens Series (Sept – Dec)
Fit Touch Championship (March – June)
Fit Touch Series Tournament (Sept – Dec)


Men Competitions:

U18 XV Championship (March – June)
U18 Sevens Series (Sept – Dec)
Men’s Sevens Championship (March – June)
Men’s XV Championship (March – June)
Trophy XV (Sept – Dec)
Men’s Sevens Series (Sept – Dec)


-Manual guidelines with rules for all competitions
-Naming sponsors championship
-Flyers / communication for each


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