Mauritius is a role model of diversity in the world, by the way,  racism and discrimination affect society at large, rugby is no exception. Their impact on our sport is undeniable. Mauritius Rugby recognises its responsibility to lead the way in abolishing all forms of discrimination in our game, but also to make the most of the influence rugby has beyond the pitch, therebycontributing to the fight agaisnt this scourge of society.




In Mauritius rugby’s day to day operations, this preventive approach involves five key and intersecting elements that are crucial to embrace diversity and anti-discrimination in Mauritius Rugby.

Regulations provides the legal basis for Mauritius Rugby ‘s overall approach to diversity and anti-discrimination. This covers disciplinary matters, safety and security, employment policies and the position of a Mauritius Rugby Diversity & Anti Discrimination Manager

Controls and sanctions covers risk assessments, match observation, investigation of discriminatory incidents and possible sanctions, referee’s duties and the training of match officials.

Communications features all media information and PR on diversity and anti-discriminationissues, public awareness raising and campaigning.

Education means providing training for Mauritius Rugby officials and Mauritius staff, and providing an advisory framework for mauritius rugby member association

Networking and Cooperation rounds off the approach by involving many areas of expertise and organisations such as member associations, governmental and non governmental organisations.