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Rugby in Mauritius

Welcome to the Mauritius Rugby Union website! We are the official governing body for the rugby union in Mauritius, responsible for organizing and promoting the sport on our beautiful island.


Established in 1971, we have a proud history of developing rugby in Mauritius, and we are committed to continuing this legacy for generations to come. Our mission is to grow the sport of rugby in Mauritius by creating opportunities for players, coaches, and referees at all levels to develop their skills and experience the joy of rugby.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of administrators, coaches, and volunteers work tirelessly to organize competitions, coaching clinics, and training sessions across the country, with a particular focus on youth development. We believe that rugby has the power to teach important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and respect, and we are passionate about using the sport to help build a stronger, more unified Mauritius.


Whether you are a rugby enthusiast looking to get involved in the sport, a player looking for a team, or a coach or referee looking to develop your skills, the Mauritius Rugby Union is here to support you. We invite you to explore our website, get in touch with our team, and join us in our mission to grow rugby in Mauritius.



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