port louis sailors

– History: The Port Louis Sailors Rugby Club was created in May 2018 through a partnership between Harel Mallac and the Mauritian Rugby Federation (MRF), with a triple objective:

1.   Promote the discipline in regions and segments of the population where people do not play rugby.

2. Offer these youngsters the chance to discover and practices a sport in their own vicinity, develop their talent and get the chance to participate in national competitions.

3. Contribute to keeping them away from the social ills prevailing

Our catchment area is the northern suburbs of Port Louis (Roche Bois, Ste Croix, Baie de Tombeau, etc.)

Our teams:

To date, the teams consists of

– 25 boys and girls (aged 10 to 17) who train twice a week and participate in local friendly and official competitions (in U12 and U18 categories). They are instructed by a coach from the Mauritius Rugby Federation. Some of our players have even joined national teams for international tournaments.

– A senior team (20+ players) who joined the club in November 2022.

– Location :

– Port Louis

– Contact details :


  • President: Norbert Lajoie – 5767 49 26
  • Coach: Mr Jovany Hypolite – 5722 5130
  • Treasurer: Yash Roy – 5255 9094
  • Secretary: Kjell Ekstrom – 5422 8023
  • Assistant Secretary: Sophie Desvaux de Marigny – 5729 – 6417

E-mail : [email protected]

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/portlouis.sailors/?hl=fr


  • Membership Information:

There is no fee for children living in the vicinity of Port Louis & Roche Bois.

  • Club Values and Philosophy:

Our club’s values are to develop the integrity, team spirit, discipline & respect between (players, coach, referees & our opponent teams) and develop passion for the Rugby.

Our Philosophy: “Rugby is for everybody”

No matter your background, your body type, or your skill set there is a place for you in the team. Our goal is to build a safe and strong community in which all kids from all background can flourish.