The highlight of the Mauritius Sevens 2024 – Day 1

The highlight of the Mauritius Sevens 2024 rugby tournament was undoubtedly the thrilling final match between the host team, Mauritius, and a formidable international opponent, Nigeria showcasing exceptional skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Mauritius beats Nigeria 26 -5 to qualify for the quarter finals for the first time ever. They play Madagascar tomorrow.

South Africa, though with a lack of practice, in turn beat Zambia 31-7.

Zimbabwe, who convincingly defeated Algeria 52-0, also signaled their strength to South Africa, who must not underestimate them in the next round.

Burkina Faso displayed great energy in their 24-10 victory over Tunisia.

In the most closely contested match of the day, Uganda and Ivory Coast battled evenly, with Uganda emerging victorious 17-10 after a hard-fought effort, led by the exceptional performance of Philip Wokorach.

Uganda rallied in the second half after a somewhat disjointed first half, characterized by loose play and numerous handling errors. Ivory Coast’s captain, Issa Masono, scored two of his team’s tries.

Madagascar’s performance fluctuated, but they deserved their 34-14 victory against Nigeria.

Keep an eye on Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Madagascar in the upcoming second round. They excelled in the initial matches and are strong contenders to secure spots in Saturday’s quarter-finals.

The intense competition and the electric atmosphere captivated spectators, making it a memorable event for rugby enthusiasts worldwide.